Pinnacle is our unique Customer Relationship Management Package. In today’s rapidly changing and highly competitive economy, the old adage that CRM as a philosophy, and not just a technology holds as true. CRM is concerned with the creation, development and enhancement of individualized customer relationships with carefully targeted customers and customer groups resulting in maximizing their total customer lifetime value.PinnacleTM is a complete CRM solution, which helps the organization in maximizing their customer relations, helps in effectively and timely responding to the client’s requirements. Furthermore, PinnacleTM offers a depth of functionality and business process support in all modules unmatched in the industry.

ConstructPlanner  is a construction-specific software solution so logical, so straightforward, and yet so robust and powerful it seems too good to be true. Welcome to ConstructPlannerTM – the complete Project Management software solution that’s everything you ever wanted but couldn’t find or afford. It contains a full range of functions for Accounting, Payroll, Job Cost Tracking, Purchase Orders, Inventory, Equipment Costing, Job Estimating and Work Orders.ConstructPlannerTM is a highly sophisticated business simulation system designed to assist contractors and other construction industry firms in developing their managers and in evaluating the potential costs and benefits of different business and organizational strategies. Our estimating, accounting, job costing and project management package is designed to help make any construction office more profitable. We offer versatile systems to fit the needs of any type of contractor, from homebuilders to specialty contractors to commercial contractors.

Academic is our Educational Sector specific PackageAcademicTM, our renowned software for Educational organizations and institutions features integrated, easy-to-use software modules that help Educational institutions to save the valuable time to do what they do best – educate.

Academic helps the Staff to maintain their organization data, their Employee data, pay roll, student information, attendance, fees etc.

ExcelPro  is an Online Report generating Tool on ExcelOrganizations of all sizes and industries look to online analytical processing (OLAP) tools to manage enterprise information systems, so corporate data may be easily queried and analyzed. OLAP solutions enable companies to transform stored data into valuable information for making informed, knowledgeable business decisions.ExcelProTM software enables you to create an open, accessible, user-friendly system that empowers people through information across multi-dimensional aspects of businesses. ExcelProTM changes the phenomenon of Information systems from Executive Information Systems to Everyone’s Information Systems. ExcelPro is an online report-generating tool, which takes data from any legacy system, analyzes them and generates useful reports. 11. Collaboration Tool

The features of the system are:

  • File sharing
  • White board
  • Chatting with video and audio conference
  • Web service-This allows us to open a page and that will be opened on other end too
  • Document and email categorizer.
  • Integrated email application
  • Search Application
  • Personal alert and memo system
  • Integrated product management tool
  • Instant Messaging tool