We excel at mobile applications, in particular for Android and iOS. Our team of developers rival the best in the world and have deep experience in developing dynamic mobile applications using Android and IOS technologies. Their expertise includes development of mobile apps using Phone Gap, HTML5, CSS3, JQUERY, Ajax and Eclipse.

Our team has also begun to build expertise in mobile applications for Hospital Management and for the use of Healthcare Professionals. These enable doctors to access patient records on the go, very easily, while ensuring that patient privacy is maintained. The products also pulls records from all the patients’ history such as dental records, previous surgeries and so on, and is fast attracting users among the healthcare fraternity.

that hold them back, and re-construct processes that are the game changers the business needs to start making more money. We measure the results and continue to measure them, making changes if required-leading to a loop of improved performance and productivity.

Products in Development :

  • Pharmac – Pharmaceutical Sector specific Package
  • ExportPro – Export Sector specific Package
  • Garment & Apparel Industry package
  • Outlet – Retail Outlet Management Package
  • Finance Accounting Package