Fit-Gap Analysis

We ride the wave of every change in business, and monitor the trends, as well as the changes that are here to stay. We also use tools to monitor consumer behavior and their mercurial demands.Making us expert at recognizing when there’s a gap between business goals and market expectations. We help bridge this gap by providing proven IT solutions.

Our Fit-Gap Analysts belong to two highly experienced groups-Functional Experts and Technical Experts. The Functional Experts have a deep observation-based knowledge of customer needs, understanding their business processes, stemming from their time pent analyzing their behavior in various domains such as banking, insurance, manufacturing and financial areas.

The Technical experts build working solutions with input from the Functional experts.We follow a rational, objective approach to Fit Gap Analysis when working with our customers and back up any diagnoses with research.

We require these resources in order to implement Fit Gap Analysis:


Project Manager
End users
Subject Matter Expert
Executive Sponsor

Project manager/Business analyst
Application analyst
Application design/developer